Piano, Flute, Guitar, Recorder, Songwriting

Beginners practicing an hour a day will be playing and writing songs within a few months. Bodhi is totally committed to your musical growth while having fun!

A professional musician and teacher for over 30 years, Bodhi has produced 13 albums of original music, toured locally and nationally with his bands, “CRYSTAL WIND” and “RHYTHM MATRIX”.  He is also the music director at the Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living in Northern California.

What People Say:

“Bodhi teaches music from the inside out, from a place in the heart. This is a very rare and beautiful thing.”            -   Dr. P. Davis
“Bodhi provides a grounding in the fundamentals of improvisational piano spiced with spontaneity, joy and love for the instrument that makes studying with him a totally enriching experience.”      -   Y. Beckwitt
“Perhaps you are aware of how much you inspire my son, but you may not realize it completely. He always comes out of his lessons beaming . . .  you are a really fine teacher.”       -   P. Taylor