Deodar Dad Moment

Sitting beneath a transplanted Himalayan Deodar Cedar tree in Pt. Reyes, California, I reflect on my father. I remember the Deodar Cedar he brought to my land in Mount Shasta and helped me plant. He was so into his little tree farm at home in Berkeley and I loved that about him. He was excited every time one of his trees found a new home somewhere. 

I realize now, each year a little deeper, how much we ‘got’ each other on a soul level. I think he loved the Mount Shasta landscape as much as I do. I know he liked being out in beautiful nature as much as I do. We spent many beautiful days on the beaches of California and Oregon. That was always our favorite place together. I surmise that underneath his huge need to be responsible to family and society, there lived a very free spirit. A magnanimous and generous, playful and mischievous, lover and lover of life.

In my heart I endeavor to keep this memory of Ed Setchko alive. I now embody the vision of his bountiful and loving spirit he gifted me. Mixing it up with my own experience and explorations, I am living the perfect dream of who I am. I can only grow from here. My life gift is eternal. I continue to dance. Thank you Dad. I love you.

Bodhi Setchko
Pt. Reyes, CA

Coastal Cleanup Day 2015
September 19, 2015

The worlds largest volunteer event, coastal cleanup day, is a massive happening that results in the collection of large amounts of garbage from the beaches of the world. The efforts of each individual add up to a large number of helping hands. (66,000 in California alone).

My friend Diane Poslosky and I participated by kayaking from Sausalito, California, out under the Golden gate Bridge to Kirby Cove, a sweet little beach on the southern tip of the Marin Peninsula. There were a number of people combing the area when we arrived. We thought perhaps they had already cleaned up the beach. Yet it is amazing how many people can walk the same stretch of terrain and still find another piece of trash. We did our tour of the beach, filled up a bag with the usual assortment of flotsam and jetsam, cigarette butts, Styrofoam, Spoons, plastic bottles, etc. (see the chart below for a sample of the items gathered across the state).

At one point a common murre bird came out of the water and sat on the beach. It appeared to be wounded and let us get real close. We weren't sure what was up but a few calls to Wildcare and the Humane Society shed some light on the situation. Apparently these birds are starving to death all along the Pacific Coast. The warmer waters are affecting their food supply and it almost felt like this bird was pleading for help. Somebody tried to capture it with a blanket to bring it to a rescue station for help, but it eluded them and went back to the water. The plight of this bird feels related to the whole phenomenon of global trash that we were addressing this day. The irony of cleaning up our coastline and collecting trash in big plastic bags did not escape me. 

After lunch we headed back under the gate to collect trash from two more little beaches on the bay side. It is amazing how much stuff can float up onto a beach over time. A large basket, bottles by the score, bits and pieces of trash in every color, shape and size, and even a large waterproof box with a radio from a boat. We created an art collage with our treasures on a log on the beach.

We gathered what we could, filled up the bags and the basket and tied them to the top of our kayaks. Returning back to Sausalito and dumping the trash into a large dumpster, I couldn't help wondering how much of this refuse would go through the same cycle yet again.

Just like brushing our teeth, washing our clothes and cutting our hair, we need to consider cleaning up our environment on a very regular basis. Perhaps our awareness of the cycle of “stuff” Will encourage us to use less and be more conscious of how we dispose of things.

Blog 6.25.15

Sensitivity, overwhelm and the comparing mind; Three destroyers of self-esteem. Does anybody else relate to this? Being a creative person, which I believe we all are in different ways, I fall prey to these three syndromes. I love to know what people are doing. It inspires and teaches me what is possible. But like any nourishment, too much information gorges my senses. I get overwhelmed with stimulation and stop in my tracks. All the clarity of my mission and purpose in life can just dissolve around me.

Sensitivity is such a beautiful thing. To see and feel the natural world in it's delicate beauty. The colors, the vast aromatic pallet, the myriad sounds of life a symphony of and for the senses. Then poof, too much information to integrate. The organizing function melts down. In a state of fatigue, the comparing mind swells into view, sucking the energy. The spiral of productivity reverses direction and a sense of overwhelm is all that's left. Has anybody ever experienced this?

So what to do? How to be? How to recover the inner balance and the sense of wonder that inspires us to create and want to share the beauty of life with others? Ahhhh… the breath. I start with a simple, even and rhythmic breathing pattern. All motion begins from a point of stillness. The wave has a turning point. The slack tide is calm water. I check in with myself. Where am I in the cycle? Is it time for rest? Maybe I need some replenishing time in nature.

Our bodies are designed to absorb energy from all living things. Trees, plants, animals, water, sun, people, all of life. Like crafting a well-balanced meal, we need to intuit how to balance ourselves in the rhythm of give and take. I think the more we inhabit a virtual world inside of computers and gadgets, the more crucial it becomes to spend time in the 3-D world of living things. If you believe in a multi dimensional universe, I am sure there is sustenance to be found in other realms for you as well.

So remember, when you feel overwhelmed, over-sensitized or a victim of the comparing mind, take a break. Stop what you were doing as soon as possible and shift your physical environment. Take a few slow rhythmic breaths, stretch your body, smile and remember the simple joy of being alive. We all have something to contribute and much to receive. With the right inner balance it can be a joyful ride.


(Bodhi K. Setchko - 8/4/09 - Mt. Shasta)

The music pours out over the rocks
Washing away the ticking clock
The timeless tune of the natural way
The mountain rises up to pray
The words they fall like a tropical rain
The eagle's joy, the lion's pain
The dolphins dance and the elephant sings
The deer run wild and Hanuman brings
Me freedom... Dancin' in a waterfall

I had to compose a 2nd verse
But I had no time to rehearse
So I made these words up on the spot
And wiggled myself right out of a knot
Then just when I thought I had some leisure
Somebody asked me to be their teacher
They were so sincere I could not decline
And I do not believe this knowledge is mine
Or yours... Dancin' in a waterfall

When it came time to write the third
I had a consult with the hummingbird
She taught me just to have some fun
'Cuz I already know that we're all one!
And by this time I'd had enough
I knew quite soon they'd call my bluff
Eventually I'd run out of time
And the heart wins out over the mind
So easy... Dancin' in a waterfall

Hummingbird Audience

Sitting on the porch this morning
playing guitar and singing
surrounded by Jasmine & Magnolias
purple, red and yellow flowers

I had a hummingbird for an audience
He was buzzing around the garden
Just as I started singing, "How Can I Keep From Singing"
he stopped on a branch about 20 feet away
and stayed there for the whole song
swinging his head back and forth
as I maintained eye contact

Then I made up a song about a hummingbird in the garden and he went back to buzzing the flowers...

– Bodhi 6.11.09

Fly Free (Angel Child)
(Bodhi K. Setchko - 3.28.09)
(For Dad 4.27.26 - 3.25.09)

The bird has flown
You are free now to roam
You've let go the body
Your soul has gone back home

The curtain has opened
The clowns come out to play
The stage is wide open
Today is your day

To fly free, fly free
Let your Spirit run wild
Fly free, fly free
Forevermore you are an Angel child

You loved your family
You loved your friends
But to show your love
Was never easy 'til the end

You fought with many demons
You wrestled with your mind
Your heart did slowly open
Now is your time

To fly free, fly free
Let your Spirit run wild
Fly free, fly free
Forevermore you are an Angel child

for the love of chocolate

as a child it was cocoa puffs
chocolate straws and hershey bars
then kisses soon followed
by milk chocolate easter eggs
i never went for m&m’s
something about the coating
or the peanuts tainted its purity
a short break from sugar
left them all behind
but returned to discover
dark chocolate
truffles belgian french german
a mature adult taste
less sugar no milk
and along came percentages
how high can i go
62  71  77  84
oh no too dark
where is the sweet
organic sneaks in and tempts me again
and at last
agave opens the door again
light at the beginning of the tunnel
organic cacao powder
fair trade
make my own choco-balls
i am saved
bliss bound
for the love of chocolate
long live the cocoa bean

shades of green

shades of green
by bodhi

the sun is setting low
in a violet sky
out beyond the ridgetop

see the purple bloom
by the side of the road
wrapped in shades of green

hear the waters fall
in a gentle prayer
to the valley from the ridgetop

feel her tenderness
as she calls your name
wrapped in shades of green

i’ve dreamed so long of this moment
when the door would open onto
visions of beauty
wrapped in shades of green
wrapped in shades of green

if there is a god
i believe today
out along the ridgetop
for the sun is warm
all upon the earth
wrapped in shades of green

i’ve dreamed so long of this moment
when the door would open onto
visions of beauty
wrapped in shades of green
wrapped in shades of green
wrapped in shades of green...

Water From The Sky

Water From The Sky
(Bodhi k Setchko 2.18.09)
(Inspired by the rain)

I wake to the music of the falling rain
It eases my troubles and softens my pain
Like manna from heaven it cleans mine eye
I rest in the flow of water from the sky

It feeds all the lakes, it feeds all the streams
It feeds the blue ocean and my wildest dreams
All of creation is blessed from above
The completion of life in a circle of love

Gratitude For A Good Life


Blog Journal

I am amazed
at the myriad details
involved in
a healthy lifestyle:

Enough rest
Good food
Clean water
Quality time in nature
Quality time with family
Quality time with friends
Quality VISIONING time
Practice time in whatever discipline is ours to do
Sharing our vision with the world
Managing finances in a healthy way
Goal-setting time
Reflective ‘let go’ and ‘move on’ time
FUN time
‘No time’ time
Deep, slow, calm breathing time
Sacred time
Time for ceremony & ritual

All this and much more! A life well lived and enjoyed.
A life of service and contribution. A life lived in love.

I am grateful for a good life.
I am grateful for this life.

is your body still transparent
invisible light
dancing through ecstatic dreamspace
the longing never quite fulfilled
but contentment hangs in the air
like jasmine after rainstorm
seductive and illusive
pulling on the strings of heartsongs
gone mischieviously silent
yet urgent?

The Emptiness Is God

The Emptiness Is God
Bodhi Blog 12.26.08

I used to be quite afraid of the quiet, empty place at the core of my being. It felt lonely, isolated and terrifying. Over the years there has been a slow, gradual shift. I am beginning to realize the many gifts of this dark, nurturing center. Whereas in the past, falling into this nocturnal cradle felt like the ultimate form of loneliness, now I relish the opportunity for deep, healing rest in this womb of darkness. I experience it as a fount of creativity and spiritual solace.

I wonder how many others have made this same transition? Is it common to transform our perception of fear and aloneness into love and succor? If so, either it’s just a natural progression or Humans over time have created a society that is ‘out of sync’ with nature. Perhaps in the mountains of Tibet very young monks are taught early on in life to work with and appreciate this psychological phenomenon. My path has been different than that. More of a trial and error, experiential method (with much ‘Gollum-like’ mucking about in confusion along the way).

With the modern society evolving as more of a ‘world culture’ blend and sensitive ‘indigo’ children becoming more prevalent, maybe future tribes will embrace ‘compassionate ideals’ as normal instead of as a separate, ‘spiritual’ revelation. Everyone will feel comfortable in all forms of Human experience, both light and dark, easy and difficult. We will all flow with acceptance through the various phases of our existence and World Peace will be a natural outcome of this universal inner stability and equanimity. Creative inter-play between all forms of life will flourish with infinite possibilities of expression. Simple joy and appreciation of each moment alive is the common denominator...


We all long for connection with self and nature. Which of course includes our Human family. This has always been the motivation behind my desire to play music. From this perspective I’d like to share the unfolding vision of the music at this time in my life.

As many of you know, I play many different instruments. Starting with piano, trumpet and accordian, I progressed to the flute at age 15. Then I learned guitar, harmonica, percussion and conch shell. And always I loved to sing. Yet I never considered myself a “singer”.

Now I find myself wanting to sing every day. I’ve been writing songs and chants for years as well as playing instrumental dance music and recording many flute CD’s in various genres. A few months ago I had a vision to combine all these diverse experiences into what I am calling “Dance Chant”, sing your body, dance your voice (I am currently at work on a CD of original chants). When a group of people get together to sing to God and move their bodies, a beautiful energy unfolds into the sacred space that we all can drink from.

Ultimately I envision a way to combine DANCE CHANT with the flute meditations. I will keep you posted as this reveals itself. Meanwhile, I do hope you can join me at one of the upcoming events.



If anybody has an event or a place to host a performance, I’d love to come and sing with you!