We all long for connection with self and nature. Which of course includes our Human family. This has always been the motivation behind my desire to play music. From this perspective I’d like to share the unfolding vision of the music at this time in my life.

As many of you know, I play many different instruments. Starting with piano, trumpet and accordian, I progressed to the flute at age 15. Then I learned guitar, harmonica, percussion and conch shell. And always I loved to sing. Yet I never considered myself a “singer”.

Now I find myself wanting to sing every day. I’ve been writing songs and chants for years as well as playing instrumental dance music and recording many flute CD’s in various genres. A few months ago I had a vision to combine all these diverse experiences into what I am calling “Dance Chant”, sing your body, dance your voice (I am currently at work on a CD of original chants). When a group of people get together to sing to God and move their bodies, a beautiful energy unfolds into the sacred space that we all can drink from.

Ultimately I envision a way to combine DANCE CHANT with the flute meditations. I will keep you posted as this reveals itself. Meanwhile, I do hope you can join me at one of the upcoming events.



If anybody has an event or a place to host a performance, I’d love to come and sing with you!