(Bodhi K. Setchko - 8/4/09 - Mt. Shasta)

The music pours out over the rocks
Washing away the ticking clock
The timeless tune of the natural way
The mountain rises up to pray
The words they fall like a tropical rain
The eagle's joy, the lion's pain
The dolphins dance and the elephant sings
The deer run wild and Hanuman brings
Me freedom... Dancin' in a waterfall

I had to compose a 2nd verse
But I had no time to rehearse
So I made these words up on the spot
And wiggled myself right out of a knot
Then just when I thought I had some leisure
Somebody asked me to be their teacher
They were so sincere I could not decline
And I do not believe this knowledge is mine
Or yours... Dancin' in a waterfall

When it came time to write the third
I had a consult with the hummingbird
She taught me just to have some fun
'Cuz I already know that we're all one!
And by this time I'd had enough
I knew quite soon they'd call my bluff
Eventually I'd run out of time
And the heart wins out over the mind
So easy... Dancin' in a waterfall