Blog 6.25.15

Sensitivity, overwhelm and the comparing mind; Three destroyers of self-esteem. Does anybody else relate to this? Being a creative person, which I believe we all are in different ways, I fall prey to these three syndromes. I love to know what people are doing. It inspires and teaches me what is possible. But like any nourishment, too much information gorges my senses. I get overwhelmed with stimulation and stop in my tracks. All the clarity of my mission and purpose in life can just dissolve around me.

Sensitivity is such a beautiful thing. To see and feel the natural world in it's delicate beauty. The colors, the vast aromatic pallet, the myriad sounds of life a symphony of and for the senses. Then poof, too much information to integrate. The organizing function melts down. In a state of fatigue, the comparing mind swells into view, sucking the energy. The spiral of productivity reverses direction and a sense of overwhelm is all that's left. Has anybody ever experienced this?

So what to do? How to be? How to recover the inner balance and the sense of wonder that inspires us to create and want to share the beauty of life with others? Ahhhh… the breath. I start with a simple, even and rhythmic breathing pattern. All motion begins from a point of stillness. The wave has a turning point. The slack tide is calm water. I check in with myself. Where am I in the cycle? Is it time for rest? Maybe I need some replenishing time in nature.

Our bodies are designed to absorb energy from all living things. Trees, plants, animals, water, sun, people, all of life. Like crafting a well-balanced meal, we need to intuit how to balance ourselves in the rhythm of give and take. I think the more we inhabit a virtual world inside of computers and gadgets, the more crucial it becomes to spend time in the 3-D world of living things. If you believe in a multi dimensional universe, I am sure there is sustenance to be found in other realms for you as well.

So remember, when you feel overwhelmed, over-sensitized or a victim of the comparing mind, take a break. Stop what you were doing as soon as possible and shift your physical environment. Take a few slow rhythmic breaths, stretch your body, smile and remember the simple joy of being alive. We all have something to contribute and much to receive. With the right inner balance it can be a joyful ride.