Deodar Dad Moment

Sitting beneath a transplanted Himalayan Deodar Cedar tree in Pt. Reyes, California, I reflect on my father. I remember the Deodar Cedar he brought to my land in Mount Shasta and helped me plant. He was so into his little tree farm at home in Berkeley and I loved that about him. He was excited every time one of his trees found a new home somewhere. 

I realize now, each year a little deeper, how much we ‘got’ each other on a soul level. I think he loved the Mount Shasta landscape as much as I do. I know he liked being out in beautiful nature as much as I do. We spent many beautiful days on the beaches of California and Oregon. That was always our favorite place together. I surmise that underneath his huge need to be responsible to family and society, there lived a very free spirit. A magnanimous and generous, playful and mischievous, lover and lover of life.

In my heart I endeavor to keep this memory of Ed Setchko alive. I now embody the vision of his bountiful and loving spirit he gifted me. Mixing it up with my own experience and explorations, I am living the perfect dream of who I am. I can only grow from here. My life gift is eternal. I continue to dance. Thank you Dad. I love you.

Bodhi Setchko
Pt. Reyes, CA